Friday, January 18, 2013

A get away at Crystal Cove

We were invited down to Crystal Cove with Chris and Linda last week. Chris had managed to get the handicapped cottage on the beach and invited us! It was so wonderful to be able to go and bring Jennifer and Chloe(certified service dog) with us. There aren't too many beaches that can accommodate a wheelchair and disabled person, we were so excited!

 It was supposed to be the coldest day of the year and it was but during the day the sun warmed the sand and air enough for us to walk along the beach and enjoy the beautiful, clear sunny days together. The cottage even comes with a handicapped beach wheelchair which allowed Randy to get Jennifer out near the water along the coast so she could go with us on our walks. Chloe has never been to the beach and was so interested in all the birds along the shore line.

The nights would drop into the 30's which sent us all inside where we ate and played games at night. It stayed nice and warm inside even with the wind blowing outside.

A few friends have started a new thing this year, we are taking time to write everyday. It is really outside my box since I really write with paint but I am enjoying it so far. We are following the writing prompts in this book.

Linda and I both took time to write while looking out the huge picture window onto ocean waves from the cottage while we were there. It was a wonderful few days with some great friends. What a blessing to be able to get away and just be renewed. Inside the cabin was a journal, put there for each person who stays in the cottage to write inside, I spent an hour the morning we left writing about our great visit!

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