Thursday, December 06, 2012

New Fabric Ideas

I am working on a new Lil Miss Cutie Patootie Fabric line for Spring Market and I am gathering ideas, here is a sneak peak. I find that I don't paint the same way that I used to, I paint separate items then assemble them in Photoshop. This gives me more editing capabilities and I can make different scenes without repainting everything over and over. It feels a bit odd to create like this but I am getting better at it, I think. I end up with bits of art all over pieces of paper that Randy cuts up to scan better. Its like a big cut and paste scrapbook of ideas and items. The plus side is I can use them other places now since they are not committed to one painted scene. Now I paint a background, then a mid ground and the main characters and assorted decorator items! Its a bit like playing with colorforms, does anyone remember those? I loved them as a kid and would recreate scenes over and over by just moving the piece of plastic!  I love what I do and how much fun is it to do something that lets me be a kid again, over and over. LOL


PennyJH said...

looking good! i love miss cutie patootie!!

Robyn Sinclair said...

So clever of your to streamline your process, Desiree and fascinating to read about it.
I'm in awe because I'm scratching my head trying to remember how to put some text on a Christmas Card in Photoshop. I haven't done it for a year and have totally forgotten everything I knew.
That's a very cute fabric range.

Elizabeth Seaver said...

It's the perfect way to use technology to enhance your art. I applaud your flexibility with it. This is just adorable!

Joan Tavolott said...

You are so clever!!! This looks adorable.

I love the fruit gifts below. I want to come to your party!!! It sounds like fun. You have very lucky friends!

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