Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Fun Halloween Play day at Lauretta's

It is always so nice to be able to get out of my studio and visit someone else's design space. My friend, Lauretta, has a wonderful studio space and she invited me for a fun play day. We shared projects we have been working on, things we plan on starting and then we started to play. She set me up on her long arm quilting machine so I could work on some free motion quilting and then I set her up with my gel plate and we did some mono printing. We had lunch and laughed and had so much fun all day. She has decorated her house with such wonderfully themed vignettes of her spooky Halloween collections. I wanted to share them with you, go here to add some music for the tour first. I took some liberty and added a dead frog in one or two of her containers with Photoshop to add more eewww to her already creepy set up. Thanks for a great play day!!

By adding filters in Photoshop you can take any photo and turn it into a great graphic Halloween card or party invitation!

I added a filter to this photo to get this creepy picture, what a cool Halloween card!

 Then here is some of our mono prints we did, just playing on fabric with paint.
I hope everyone has a fun, safe Halloween! 

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