Saturday, July 21, 2012

New goodies!

Yesterday I received my package from Moo! I treated myself to new business cards,postcards and some stickers for the backside of my artwork. Although the business cards were printed on the wrong paper the vibrancy of color and the images turned out amazing! At you can put up to 50 different images on each set of cards so for us artists it's a perfect way to advertise your artwork. I also have ATC collectors who ask to go thru my cards and select one for their collections, but be careful, they aren't cheap! Next weekend I will be working the Long Beach Quilt show in Gingers booth, booth #1300 something,can't remember the exact number, if you are in Southern CA for the show stop by and say Hi and get a card or postcard from me!

Happy Moo cards!

- Desiree


Robyn Sinclair said...

They look gorgeous, Desiree. Hardly surprising since you image are so vibrant. Now excitedly waiting for my minicards to arrive.

Gina Sismilich said...

I just ordered cards as well - I probably should have put an image on the info side - but even with that being plain, the backs of the cards look great with my artwork. Your images are gorgeous

Desiree said...

Thanks Robyn I also love mini moos!
Gina, I forgot to put the image one the info side of the business card too, those you see are stickers!

Desiree said...

Duh, yes I added the image to the info side also. Everyone loves them

Anonymous said...
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