Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I am playing in the studio again!!

I have been playing with Copic markers in the studio again. They are very interesting and artists are able to do some amazing things with them on paper. I however am playing with them on fabric. Its another place where I can get that watercolor feel I love, loosing the control I like to have and just letting the magic happen. I am trying different fabrics like silks and muslin along with different methods. I will be playing with a negative painting approach next time, using glue as my resist. The copic markers and even some other markers come alive once I apply this alcohol solution to them, their colors pop but they bleed everywhere. I am also playing with regular sharpies and getting similar results. I am trying to use brushes etc to control some of the bleed. Here is one of my projects.


Cathy Gatland said...

Wonderful effects and beautiful images with your markers Desiree and as always, your creative energy is inspirational!

Liz Steel said...

stunning!!!! great effects. I love copic markers too

Beads2yarn said...

These are wonderful. Your colors are gorgeous!!! Makes me want to try those markers

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