Saturday, February 05, 2011

Descanso gardens

Descanso gardens
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We had a photo Meetup at Descanso Gardens today. It started off a bit chilly but turned into a perfect day for the gardens. Most of the camelias are in full bloom right now making the gardens a must see if you are in the area.
Randy decided about a year ago, to join a photo meet up group in an attempt to learn more about photography and meet some like minded people. One of the things I enjoy about belonging to the group is exploring some of the amazing areas that I never knew exsisted! Some of these areas are right under my nose!  Its so true that we often will travel for days to go sight seeing when we haven't even visited the sites closest to our own homes! These day trips are perfect for us as we can include Jennifer who loves to explore.  Although we have been to the Decanso many times but it was fun to explore with a camera and a paint brush. You begin to see things you have never seen or noticed before. You begin to pay special attention to lighting and shadows when you are painting or photographing.
 Today at the gardens was "fairy day" and all the little girls were dressed up as fairies, it was just too cute! I am posting my sketches now but I will add some photos of these little pixies in the next day or two.
After the gardens we were invited to have lunch at a very dear friend's home who lived close by. After a perfect lunch and some great conversation we headed home! What a perfect Saturday excursion! What did you do today?


Joan said...

I'm jealous you have gardens in bloom right now and we have snirt (snow mixed with dirt) to look at. lol Looks like you had a wonderful day and were able to paint it too!

Desiree said...

LOL, I have to laugh at your snirt comment! LOL I have never heard of that before. I wish I could share some of our sunshine so then maybe in August I could trade you for clear skies when I am dealing with smog! Its all a trade off

mARTa said...

It was a beautiful day wasn't it? I got some great photos too! Our side trip to Pasadena that afternoon was just as fun.

Anonymous said...

I have just found your blog and I am smitten! having read your post on your processes - may 2010 - I find I am comfortable in the pen stage and the paint stage and the texture - it is the transferring the ideas and designs to fabric. techniques are where I struggle. I came here via the fabric postcard route and I think that is where I must start. So thank you for sharing and being an inspiration.

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