Friday, December 10, 2010

Getting ready for Christmas

A few weeks ago as I was unpacking my ornaments for the tree I took the time to take some pictures to share. Years ago, when I was a young mom and didn't have alot of money I would have ornament parties. Everyone would make 12 ornaments and then we would get together and we each got one of each persons handmade ornament. It was so much fun, fun to create something new every year but more than that the fun was having something that a friend made. Every year as I pull out my ornaments, I think of those people, many of which have moved away and I say a prayer for them. I remember the good times we all had together in those early years. Decorating my tree is much more than just putting up store purchased ornaments its a trip down memory lane every year. Even after all this time these are my favorite ornaments, they are priceless. 

This was my ornament, I collected eggs from my brothers mad goose and cleaned then out and painted on them, sealed them and made a hanger for them. This one is dated 1989

This one was made by Roxanne, I love the cinnamon sticks for legs.

This one was Dorothys, the little mouse is made from felt and it was amazing she made all those clothes and everything!

This one was made and painted by Sabina, she was a tole painter and made some really cute things over the years.

This ornament was china painted by Ramona, her and her mom used to do a lot of china painting. I got three of these for my kids that year, Missy wasn't born yet. The picture is of Jennifer

This is Judy's hand embroidered ornaments, she made 12 different ones all heavily embroidered that year.
Merry Christmas to all of my friends, both near and far, I appreciate how you have touch my life through the years.

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