Sunday, April 11, 2010

The first day of the garden tour

Well we survived the first day of the garden tour. It turned out being so much more fun than I could have imagined. I at first thought of hiding in the house, letting them explore the yard without the owner lurking about.  But then decided I needed to be a part of the whole experience, be out painting and talking to fellow gardeners about the yard and plants. It isn't often I get to share my garden with fellow gardeners so this was me big chance. It turned out so amazing, groups of people around me asking me questions and sharing their stories of plants and gardens. I loved that so many people had to come in and feel the lawn, not believing it was real. I had wished Randy could have been home to see that since he worked so hard on having it look so perfect. I ended up only sketching one quick sketch but did manage to get sunburned! I will have to apply more sunscreen today. With a storm approaching I was worried that it would have been raining today but now they are saying tonight which should give us one more day of sunshine!!! I also met fellow artists, quilters as well as gardeners, it was a great day.


Jamie Fingal said...

garden tour sounds great. are you going to post pictures of your garden after the event is over for your followers to read?

Desiree said...

Hi Jamie,
I will soon, I do have tons of pictures on Facebook

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