Saturday, November 21, 2009

Fuju Persimmons

My mom loves when the Fuju persimmons are ready, she buys them and eats them like apples. I gathered a few from her last shopping spree to paint. I am playing with watercolor, trying to get more of an oil painting feel. Here is Fuju, a 5"x7" watercolor.


Beth Niquette said...

Oh, how gorgeous...I have never been able to do a good job painting with watercolors--I am in awe.

Anonymous said...

Stunning persimmons Desiree!! they are ALL your watercolours

Desiree's Designs said...

thanks to both of you. I am trying to get more time to paint, I just don't know where to get it from!

Ann Buckner said...

Love this painting Desiree. Your table looks great too.

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