Saturday, August 08, 2009


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I took a pastel class from Alicia Sotherland today. Pastel on suede
mat board. No preliminary drawing just start by filling in negative
spaces. I choose to paint this old women from our photos from
Italy. Actually Helen took the picture and met and talked with this woman. She has very masculine feature so hard to tell if she is man or
woman. Marta also went and painted a beautiful piece.


Beena said...

Looks like you did a great job capturing a complex subject. I love the softness of the image from the pastels.

Zelma said...

Beautiful portrait! I love the softness of a pastel painting especially on suede matboard.

Sandy said...

Absolutely Fabulous, you are both so talented!!

Helen Percy Lystra said...

Wonderful job on this. I love the softness.

Sandra said...

This is gorgeous. How did you do it without a line drawing? Can you explain it?

Desiree said...

Thanks everyone, it is a very interesting process. It was done by putting in the dark areas or shapes first. Just like scribbling in the dark shadows of the eyes etc. No preliminary drawing or anything before we started. My womens head ended up kind of big so I need to work on keeping things sized better, no giant heads next time. I have a wonderful picture of a french waiter I took in Paris I want to paint now, along with a great Picture of my hubby in Italy!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Desiree...such a piercing look, one of those that follow you where you go!

Ai said...

I love the glow. She looks so kind. Welldone. It must be a blast to join that class.

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