Sunday, May 03, 2009

Working in the yard

Today we worked in the yard, it was a beautiful day. We have been trying to get the backyard in before we leave on vacation. Since our trip is on May 11, we are running out of time. We had 25 yards of compost dumped in our driveway last week and we got all of it into flower beds and into the new lawn areas. We have four lawn areas in the backyard around the pool and buildings. I can't wait for green, we have had brown dirt for so long. It will not only change the whole look of the yard but it will also make it cooler. Around a small stucco wall in our front yard Randys rose's are blooming like crazy. He loves his roses and we have so many. That first flush of color is always so amazing. These roses are almost irridesent red with yellow centers and they are so showy.

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Beena said...

The flowers are so pretty! Do I sense a sketch coming on????!!!!

Hope you get the rest of your yard work straightened out and finished before your vacation. I'm the same way about wanting things in order by a deadline. I've given myself until the end of May to get my spring cleaning done!

Ai said...

Desiree, gorgeous roses. I hope you have time to paint these roses for us all to see. Have fun gardening and have a great vacation. You deserve it.

Joan said...

Lookin' good!!!!!!!! Hope you have green soon. Have a great vacation!

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