Sunday, May 25, 2008


I am home from the show and trying to get all the orders out along with unpacking. Next I will have to try and get my studio back to some sort of neatness so I can just work in there. Those last few days were just a blur of grab and throw so needless to say the studio is a mess. My sister had scheduled to come down for a visit and arrived on Wendsday. I had told her to come and sit by the pool and relax, well it rained, even hailed while she was here! We are having such weird and unusual weather as is much of the country. We did manange to sneak in a spa night. As most of you know my sister is fighting breast cancer. She is doing a great job too, she looks great and isn't feeling sick or weak from her treatments. I am so thankful for that. She was here for 4 days and we tried to stay busy but it isn't the things we did that are so special. It is the night we laid in bed, all curled up under the blankets waiting for Jennifer to be ready to be put into bed. We layed facing each other, the blankets up to our chins, our heads nestled in our down pillows. We talked and giggled and laughed so hard tears ran down our cheeks. We were just being sisters. Since we were kids everytime we get together at night we would just sit infront of the TV and brush each others hair. We didn't do it this time, but we talked about it. She goes back for her last treatment and I continue to pray that "IT'S" gone!

She fell in love with this painting my brother has over his mantel. It is a portrait of a womans face with a hat on, it looks very 30's and she wanted me to paint her something very similar for her house. When I first saw her in the hat she wears to go outside I knew that she would be the subject for the painting and it would be a portrait of her. I took many photos and I can't wait to start that.


mARTa said...

Well I'm glad the tornado didn't scoop you two up while you were all nestled and cuddly! These are beautiful photos and what a treat to spend time with your sister. I made my mom's rice pudding and Elvia is coming over so we can sit and eat it together. When we bond, we eat my mom's rice pudding. I've missed you!

Africantapestry and Myfrenchkitchen said...

What lovely time spent with your sister. The two of you are often in my thoughts!I remember when my friend went through treatment last year, I went over one day with my camera and took the most beautiful shots of her, just for her personal memories. And she is out of treatment today and looking more beautiful than ever! I wish that for your sister too.

Ai said...

What a great sistership you have !!! Her picture screams paint me. May I try to paint her too?

Desiree said...

Was that unbelievable or what! A Tornado here! Wow Toto were in Kansas! Marta you are lucky to have your sister so close. If she is ever not available I also love rice pudding and feel as though we are sisters. Ronell, thank you for your thoughts and encouragement. I look forward to the day we can look back on this time and call her a survivor. She says she wants to keep her hair short, really blonde and spiked. She told me that her friends say she has changed and become more aggresive and much stronger. I guess we have to rise to all occasions in our lives. I am just wondering how I will brush short, blonde spiked hair!
Ai, please feel free to paint any photo I post, what an honor.

Sandy said...

Such a fabulously beautiful stong face and especially the eyes, I can't wait to see your painting. Having survived BC myself, I stand with her and wish her a quick recovery and Long happy life!

Serena said...

I have a very close bond with my sister too so I fully understand your connection to your own sister. I pray that your sister makes a full recovery and that 'it' is gone. Healing vibes coming her way ~

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