Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Super Tuesday!!

Ok, its Super Tuesday, the day when we all vote for our candidates for President. I did a contour drawing of each, I don't feel like I really know any of them well enough to cast a vote. As in drawing contour,I felt like I just placed my pen on the ballet and started marking, not really having any insight to what I was doing. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate my right to vote, I just wish I felt like their was someone worth voting for. Lets look at them.....
Obama-people thought he was muslim (he's not) for along time, very clean cut, almost looks like he scrubs with brillo every morning. No ones skin should be that perfect especially a mans! What about experience?
Clinton-I think a lot of people admired her for dealing with Bill's little indiscretions so bravely or was it maybe passively. The thought keeps crossing my mind though, if she were elected who would really be running the country? I don't know if I liked the whole crying thing during her campaign, I mean we never saw her cry when her husband was sleeping around!
Edwards- Nice guy, cute and devoted to his wife. But I guess he's out so I don't need to go on.
Romney- Nice looking guy for 60, even for 50! Millionaire, businessman from Utah. Conservative Mormon that is really giving the conservative born again Christians a voting dilemma. Does he represent the conservative christian's beliefs better than McCain? I think he has only one wife though.
McCain- I have really hated the way he has been campaigning against Romney, all that silly fighting . The polls say the people think he looks old, because he is old! Why does he always look like he is storing nuts in his cheeks for the winter? He might be telling us something about the economy here!
Huckabee-I don't know how I feel about a baptist preacher for a president. It seems to me that the whole meaning of "president" goes against his biblical beliefs. I think most of our past presidents have been womanizing fence walkers, unable to keep a promise to the people or their families. They seem to be easily swayed by lobbists, money and oil. Huckabee, save yourself, pull out now!

Yesterday the phone must have rang off the hook, as it did this morning. All the calls from my parties two front runners, calling to hopefully sway my vote to their side. It ended up just irritating me so much I was going to jump the the other party completely. Oh man, am I becoming a realist or just cynical!?


Ai said...

Desiree, I love your contour drawing. Pls. send it to the New York Times for the front cover !!!. I love your Obama and McCain interpretation. Your Obama looks fresh smiling just as his real smile and the McCain nut collecting cheeks... you just crack me up with your politic art. I love your writing too because It saves me time from watching on-an-on CNN and BBC from this part of my world.

mARTa said...

Hahahaha! Well, I differ in your views but loved reading them and love the drawings!

Helen Percy Lystra said...

Love the drawing and I agree... hard to know who to vote for... I'd like another choice please 'cause I'm not comfortable with any of these

Wendee said...

I'm chuckling because your comments have crossed my mind. Crack me up. These contour drawings are great!

Emma Pod said...

Hello Desiree! I loved looking through your blogs...wonderful artwork, drawings and paintings! Thanks for stopping my blog recently! I will be glad when all the campaining is finished, but I guess that will be awhile!

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