Sunday, December 09, 2007

The Party

I have been so busy trying to get everything just right for our annual Christmas quilt group party. I have been sewing, cleaning, painting gifts, shopping, and cooking. Then in an effort to not look completely haggard and frantic I had to get my hair colored and cut! Phewwww, made it! We had a great time, well I did for sure, it was so much fun to see everyone again. We haven't met for sometime and the group really missed each other. Unfortunately a few of the women got sice at the last minute and couldn't come, we missed not having them. But for the ones that came it was a great reunion and chance to catch up. We had tons of wonderful food, I love potlucks, a chance to sample everyones recipes! We played games, well some of them did. Others, who's name I won't mention, tried to sabotage the efforts of others! So some listened to M____A and found her much more entertaining than my party games, but they didn't get the gift either! We did our gift exchange and everyone got some lovely things. Dawn brought me a beautiful ornament that I will treasure every year as I pull it out to decorate my tree. Shelly gave me a wonderful angel candle holder, oh I love the decorations, I could never have too many! And just think, those were just my hostess gifts! What a great night, visiting with friends and eating!! How much better can life get?


caseytoussaint said...

What a great evening - it sounds like so much fun. and I love that picture of Marta!

mARTa said...

Dianne W. and I didn't want to set ourselves up for disappointment thus we opted out of the games! And I certainly didn't need any more disappointment in one week! I can see the worry and stress in that picture....but I think it's better today. Thanks for putting up with're a blessing.
And the party was great and lots of fun!! The house looked just beautiful....and so did you! Thanks for hosting it this year!

Susan said...

It looks like a well-attended party, and great fun. I'm glad you got a chance to do this, and got everything finished on time. Are we going to get to see the new haircut?

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