Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Brahma Bull

I am still playing with pastels, I seem to be drawn to them right now, probably because they are new! I am easily bored so I guess I need to enjoy this dusty journey while it lasts. I choose this subject matter just because I love animals but needed to do something not as heavy as my last draped still life. I am anxious to try many different subjects in this medium, it seems so forgiving and I love the painterly look it gives the pieces. I think the thing that is hardest so far is the framing aspect of these paintings, since we arent spraying them with a fixative they have to be framed with some foam core and no frame shop will touch them, so its going to be interesting to see how well I can get them mounted.
I have been not feeling to artistic lately so I am excited to have been able to complete this piece in one evening. I hope this ends my dry spell!! This Thursday is life drawing at the museum and I always love that, a creative night out! I hope Marta is able to get off early enough we can go by Seville's Resturant and have tapas and a Sangria before the drawing session. The museum and resturant are in such a wonderful part of town, all historic old buildings, mature trees, warm nights.


Wendee said...

Oh, this is just great! I'm enjoying watching these appear, one at a time! You have a nice touch w/the pastels!

Seems like a few out there are in a bit of a creativity funk lull. Hope that muddling through it eventually gives way to renewed enthusiasm and creativity. Certainly tapas and sangria wouldn't hurt! LOL. Hope you have a good one.

Susan said...

This is one of the best so far. It arrested my eye the minute the blog came up. Why no fixative? Won't it smudge?

Desiree said...

Hi Wendee and Susan, its like having some good friends visiting again! I have missed posting and blogging.
The way Diana told us to not use fixatives is because she says you loose your whitest whites and darkest darks due to the moisture of the spray. So we cover the paintings until framing, I am framing my first one this week will let you know how it turns out.

Africantapestry said...

I am amazed afain at what you do with these pastels! This is wonderful, it looks painterly alright..great, great work! I hope your dry spell disappears soon....sangria could help...

Linda said...

This is really a fantastic piece! You've achieved a great balance of light and darks and wonderful warmth.
I'm interested to hear that others have a hard time dealing with framers who hate the fact that WE hate fixative! :-D I just had a long talk with my framer about that very thing -- and I'm glad I did because it turns out that she automatically sprays fixative on a pastel piece, as a part of the framing service!

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