Monday, July 31, 2006

Life is like a bowl of cherries.....

why is mine always full of pits. I think Erma Bombeck wrote that book. Well I must admit, although I do have those types of days, normally my life is a bowl of cherries. I think this has to be one of the most beautiful fruits, they are so shiny they almost don't look real. I am sure they are spraying them with something like a wax covering which I shouldn't be eating but I don't want to know really. I love them just the same. I can remember my mom telling me about a time when her and her girlfriend decided to go and pick them for themselves. It was an actual cherry farm where you could pick so many for a set price. Well my mom said that there was nothing as wonderful as picking those beautiful cherries right off the tree and eating them almost as fast. She said that they tasted so much better right off the tree. Well about an hour later, she thought she was going to die. She had to go to the bathroom so bad she doubted if they would make it home in time. She said she couldn't even think of leaving the safety of the throne for quite awhile. She has not gone cherry picking since and the lesson, everything is good in moderation, was given new meaning!

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Susan said...

LOL! A lot of us have learned that lesson, I think! I, too, love cherries. All my life, Bing's were my favorite. Last year, I was in Washington at the right time and got a huge bag of Mt. Ranier cherries. Oh, yum! But I did eat in moderation. =)

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